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Proper website attention and update later this spring, as I am quite busy with work.

Terrible at Updating

I am terrible at updating this site. For the past several months I’ve been focusing on work with Tuts+ and other wonderful companies and clients.
You can check out weekly tutorials and articles in Tuts+’s Design and Illustration section. You can also see such tutorials at (mine will have a byline after the tutorial).
Other companies I’ve freelanced for will have work announcements in a few months or next year (depending on when things are published or hit shelves).

Expect a proper site update once I’ve caught up on work and clear up my schedule a bit (hoping within the next month).
I also moved quite recently, so the whole summer/early fall has been busy busy busy.

ciao ciao!
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Apologies my galleries on this site aren’t updated into the current year (or last year) just yet. There’s A LOT of work to go through. If you’re curious about who I’m working for, LinkedIn tends to be updated most often (though it usually takes a month of working solid with a client before I add it).

Featured Works: Rock-It Girl

Looking through old folders of artwork while I update the gallery, I’ve decided to make posts with features of certain pieces and include some of the process of them along the way.

Rock-It Girl

Rock-it girl started as a quick doodle turned vector piece back in 2007.

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Vector Tutorial Round-Up

Various vector tutorials published on Vectips. I haven’t really shared much of what I’ve done for them, since they’re just a few months old. Enjoy!

Faceted Summer Icons

Faceted Summer Icons


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2013-2014 Exhibition Pieces

It’s taken me ages to get this site up and running properly with my current schedule, so while I continue to fill in the gallery folders/sections, here’s an overview of the pieces I’ve had in exhibitions over the past year and a half.

2014-05-31 21_03_35-Photo by acrylicana
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Under Construction

Pardon our dust as is reconfigured and updated. for contact.